23 Mar


Dear Customers,

considering the current situation in Europe due to the coronavirus outbreak, MASZOŃSKI Logistic has taken numerous preventive measures aimed at increasing the safety and comfort of work for you as well as our employees.

We closely follow all communications and recommendations issued by the international as well as the local health organisations to adjust our operations in a manner that allows for the most effective prevention and ensures safe cooperation with all of our stakeholders.

We carry out ongoing activities with regards to providing information, technical assistance and work organisation measures aimed at lowering the risk of infection.

We have also suspended all business travels of our office employees. All meetings are done remotely using remote communication tools.

All employees received very clear instructions on maintaining proper hygiene and health prevention and were instructed to immediately report to the appropriate authorities if they notice any symptoms of illness to obtain adequate medical care.

For your safety, our drivers were appropriately instructed and received disinfectants as well as personal face masks which they can use if necessary. At the same time, we kindly recommend you to designate areas where we can deliver our shipments to minimise direct contacts.

We take all possible measures to ensure continuous deliveries.

We wish like to point out that safety and comfort of cooperation is the highest priority for MASZOŃSKI Logistic, and therefore we are open to engaging in dialogue and cooperation with you to ensure the most effective management of the current situation.

We will keep you informed about all the changes in the current situation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

MASZOŃSKI logistic Team

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