Partial cargos

We provide tailor-made solutions for any cargo size, weight and type. Our clients get comprehensive support with less than truckload (LTL) and general cargo shipping.

We offer direct pick-up from the client and delivery to our warehouses, where the cargo is loaded onto route trucks.


Our LTL and general cargo shipping services includes:

1 Shipment pick-up using lightweight truck sets
2 Reloading onto a line truck bound for the particular destination
3 Delivery to the destination
warehouse / logistics centre
4 Pick-up from the warehouse and delivery directly to the destination (end receiver)

Full status tracking

The whole process is supervised by our specialists, who use high-performance IT systems that integrate the information processes from sources such as the on-board vehicle computer, driver's communication panel and GPS. Our clients also get dedicated access to online systems where they can track the status of their transport order.

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